Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas Playlist Countdown

I'm back! And what's more, it's December! So it's time to officially kick off the holiday season. Back in October, my brother made a Halloween countdown playlist. Now Halloween ranks pretty high on my holiday list, but the big Kahuna of all holidays is definately Christmas. So another playlist was in order! And this time I decided to do more then just shamelessly share the fruits of my brothers hard work of putting the list together ;) and I made a little animated intro to go with it.

I made this in Toon Boom and then added the light, snow and some other tidbits in After Effects.

You can find the playlist on Youtube [HERE]. We're not revealing the entire playlist at once, but are doing a proper countdown where we add a song each day. I'll post the songs of the day on my facebook page as well, so like of you want to follow along. I'll also be posting an alternate version of the clip up there shortly, where the text reads "Merry Christmas" instead of "Christmas Playlis Countdown", which you can then feel free to share with everyone you want to wish a merry Christmas.

It's the holiday spirit, people, you're supposed to spread it around and I plan to do just that!

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