Sunday, 4 November 2012

I'm sowwy

I love the irony of a blog post apologizing for the fact I won't have any time to make blog posts... :) But there it is. As things stand November promises to be a bit of a slow month blogwise. Poor November's sorta the lonely month inbetween, isn't it, without a holiday of it's own. Halloween has passed and Christmas isn't quite there yet (no such things as Thanksgiving here in Europe either).

Good news is though that I'm working on lots of things so the lull will be shortlived. Starting December the Christmas stuff I've been working on can start to go up; some illustrations I've been working on are due by the end of the year as well, and my schedule should just be calmer all round. Giving me more time again to waste on making personal stuff and posting it online. :)

Keep warm, see you soon!

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