Thursday, 12 January 2012


On of the artistic challenges I set myself for the new year is to make a series of pieces. I didn't have a particular topic in mind, I just thought it would be a fun excercise to make some seperate pieces that would work as a whole once put next to each other. It'll be more of a project, something to immerse myself a little deeper in.

So I decided to combine my love for a certain TV-show (bring on season 5 already! My patience is stretched to the limit ;)) and the star signs (maybe a somewhat obvious choice for a series but I didn't want to spend weeks just thinking about a topic) and create... *drumm roll* The Mad Men Zodiac.

I'm not sure I will keep this up and actually finish the set. My attention tends to drift, there's always something new and seemingly more interesting to jump to next. But I'm sure going to try. Further more, although I am pleased with this one as a stand alone piece, I'm not sure this is graphically where I want to go with his. Maybe I'd want to stylize the characters more, play some more with the graphic possibilities?

Anyway, first up (and my own sign) is Aquarius.

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  1. very nice character! looking forward to the next one


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