Monday, 9 January 2012

First day at school

My niece went to school for the very first time today. Ever. Needless to say, quite a landmark occasion for her and dare I say even more so for her parents and us, her family. My sister had enlisted me as backup should tears enter the picture (from my niece but perhaps more likely, from my sister)

But no tears at all. She entered the classroom on the hand of her teacher, a little shy but excited. When she emerged, still no tears but lo' and behold; a smile! She said she had fun so what more can you want. Brave little girl!

So there I was, I very proud auntie indeed, and so glad I got to be there for this important occasion. And thumbs up for my sister as well who kept the waterworks under control too. Brave mommy for sending her daughter into the world for the first time ;)

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