Sunday, 25 January 2015


In 2013 I set myself a subject and a goal: to make enough illustration pieces to form a calendar. This forced me to make at least 12 personal pieces throughout the year. In 2014, I did no such thing. I foolishly thought I would make enough stuff through the year to make a calendar with no set subject at the end of it. When I browsed my blog at the end of the year looking for work to feature in a 2015 calender, I was shocked to see I barely made 5 blogposts this year. I clearly need the proverbial kick up the backside a set goal gives me to not run out of steam as the year progresses. So I've set myself a new calendar subject: it'll be roughly based upon the birth animals featured in the celtic zodiac. Because I love drawing animals and I like to have a starting point list. I'm one of those persons who gets lost in the sea of endless possibilities when faced with the notion of being able to creating anything I want. So I'm limiting myself, as it were, in this way to keep me focused. This'll hopefully help me stay on track and result in a new cohesive calendar at the end of the year. 

Here's the first one in the  new series: OTTER. Hope you enjoy, and wish me luck!

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