Sunday, 25 August 2013


I made this for the baby shower of a little fellow named Nand. It features all the star signs he was born under. I framed it with an explanation of all the elements of the illustration on the back. Those being:
  • Gemini (the two moons), his starsign
  • 2013, the year of the snake in Chinese astrology 
  • his birth tree is the fig tree 
  • his birth stone is pearl/moonstone
  • his spirit animal acording to native American astrology is the deer.

I don't believe in astrology myself but I do always find it highly entertaining to look these things up and know what my signs are (just in case I got it wrong and it turns our there is some truth in this stuff, you know. At least then I'll know where to look for it. ;p) So I made the assumption that this is the way a lot of people feel about astrology and therefore it would be cool for little Nand and his parents to know his sings. And if not.. hey, then it's just a cute picture, right? :)

I like that it's fun and colourfull and the style's a bit different than what I usually do.

1 comment:

  1. great work! Anyone would be happy with such a colorful drawing with his own symbols - even if not believing in astrology :)


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