Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Ghost Lady

Third week of October marks the appearance of the third Halloween inspired post. I've always liked the way ghosts float through the air. I have this dream sometimes where I can fly, a bit like swimming through air. Whenever I have it I wake up with the most amazing, satisfied feeling. If the afterlife includes
a] Getting to freak people out by haunting them
b] Getting to 'swim' through the air like that
that might not be so bad. But maybe that's just something I need to tell myself so I'm certainly in no hurry to find out! ;)

26 October Update: This fits perfectly for this week's Illustration Friday theme "haunt", yay!


  1. I love the hair and the transparent nightgown floating in the air!

  2. She is too cool! Love the greens. Love the gossamer gown.

  3. Thanks! I tried to make her gown just a little bit more interesting then the classic white bed sheet look :) I'm glad you're liking it!

  4. The texture that you have put onto her skin, down the left hand side, is perfect. I'm sure that witches spend most of their time you ping around in see through gowns


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