Saturday, 1 September 2012


I ♥ TV. Seriously you guys, major love affair between me and my telly. It's the series mostly that manage to sink their claws into my psyche and are able to convince me, disturbingly quickly, that life just ain't worth living anymore unless I get my weekly dose of *insert particular show here*. Expecially shows with any sort of fantasy flavour can count on my vote. I used to try and hide this particular side of me during my high school years, because being into that kind of thing was just epically uncool, but nowadays I let my geek flag fly loud and proud. Let's unite fellow geek brothers and sisters and form a clique of our own! (I think we already did that though, it's called Comic Con...)

I dare not even begin to count how many months I will still have to wait untill my beloved Game Of Thrones (Khaleesi!!) or True Blood (season finale just aired and I'm already having withdrawal symptoms) come back on again, but luckily September marks the return of many other favourites such as The Big Bang Theory (Marry me, Sheldon!), Modern Family (Phil Dunphy for president!) and New Girl (Give me a call, Zooey Deschanel, we should totally rock some polka dots together). 

So is everyone ready? Set? SHOWTIME!

Oh, and PS: feel free to offer suggestions for other great shows in the comments. There's always room for just one more. :)

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