Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

At the moment cinemas around the world are getting ready for the latest, and indeed last :( , installment in the Nolan/Bale Batman series. It's hitting Belgian theatres July 25 BUT.. I get to see it five days earlier than that!!! Nananananana :p My brother won tickets to the avant premiere and since one of his buddies has to work that evening, I humbly fell to my knees and begged for the extra ticket (not really, although I would've done it if that's what it had taken :D) I'm so excited!!!!

We're all big fans of the caped crusader in our family. I used to adore the Keaton/Burton movies when I was a kid (used to put rubber bands on my fingers and pretend I was The Penguin, really, I kid you not. I am and always have been a geek and I started young) Michelle Pfeiffer is still my favourite catwoman and although I'm keeping an open mind to Anne Hathaway, she's going to have a hell of a job pulling this one of in my opinion.

I set out trying to do a representation of the new catwoman as we've seen her in the stills from the movie but it felt like such a betrayal to Michelle that she ended up as a sort of hybrid between the two, with just a tiny sniff of Julie Newmar added in there as well :)

Miauw :D

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