Saturday, 7 May 2011

Happy Birthday Lenn

My niece turned 2 yesterday! And we had a wonderful garden party today to celebrate it. The day started of a little clouded but in the afternoon there was sunshine galore, woohoo!! I wanted to give her something special and after seeing this entry on one of the illustration friday prompts a few weeks back I just knew I hade to do the same: custom made puzzle blocks!

I found this wooden box at the art supplies store and it turned out to be the perfect fit! Painted and decorated it, then gave it a coat of varnish. Now for the actual puzzle. I couldn't find the right size blocks at the art supplies store, so I payed a visit to the hardware store instead. Bought a square wooden beam and had them cut it up into cubes (the clerck's face was hilarious "you want me to cut up this whole thing into tiny blocks ?!" When I told him what it was for though he thought it was really cool and totally got on board with the master plan).

Gave them a thorough sand down and they were ready to go. I went for stickers instead of painting them. I guess stickers wont last as long but I wanted quite detailed images on there (I incorporated her birth announcement card and such), so stickers seemed to be the more practical option in that regard. We'll see how long they last, otherwise I will just have to make some more next year I guess!

She got a truck-load of presents today. There were just far too much goodies there for her to be able to concentrate on a small box of wooden blocks. But I'm sure she liked it! :)

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  1. Lenn loves them, I`m sure that when she is older and when she becomes mom herself she will pass them on - thx again - love Lenn


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