Sunday, 13 October 2013

Mrs Claus

Poor Mrs Claus was put on and off my list more than any other lady, although she's been there from the very beginning. I loved the idea of including her but I just wasn't sure I could do it. When I think of Mrs Claus my mind goes to much more cartoony versions, usually of her standing somewhere behind dear old Santa taking up very little spotlight. I'd never done a portrayal of an older woman before in a style that would match the rest of the series, and so I kept putting it off.

But this project was all about challenging myself in new ways and so I finally stopped whining and went for it. I also gave her some much needed spotlight :) This lady deserves some attention, being the strong woman behind a very strong man. Not only am I really happy with how she turned out, I get the added bonus of being able to double her as my Christmas card this year. Score! It always pays to try new things y'all.

And so my little group of twelve is complete. I'm working on arranging them into an actual calendar right now and hope to have that done asap. So keep and eye out for that!

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