Wednesday, 30 October 2013

2014 Calendar

Those who have been following my Women of History, Legend & Myth series throughout the year know that I planned on making a calendar out of all the illustrations at the end of it. And I'm very happy to say I managed to finish it right on schedule (yay me! ;)) The calendar is now a reality and is available for purchase through Deviantart. You can order it through |THIS LINK|.

It costs €18.16 or $24.99 plus aditional shipping costs that vary depending on your location. I can be a bit more specific for Belgium since I live there myself: it adds up to €25.43. And honestly, the quality of the print is very nice. Nice sturdy paper and the colours came out exactly like they looked on my screen. I don't print out much of my digital work, and certainly not professionaly, so when this baby arrived I have to admit a little squeel of excitement escaped me :) It's very fancy.

If you want to preview all the individual illustrations for each month and re-read the stories behind the ladies, you can find it by searching the "women of history legend and myth" tag on this blog. So if you're looking for a nice calendar for the new year, either for yourself or as a gift, why not go and have a look at this one? 

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