Tuesday, 7 May 2013

You can come to my party!

I made a book!

My little niece turned four recently, and I try to make her something unique every year on her birthday as a special gift. I worked on this for some months, and the hardest part was coming up with a good, simple story. I really wanted it to be all about her on her special day, you see. The pieces all fell into place when she hit her Disney princess phase. Hard. She already had some princesses merchandise before but she's just now getting to the age where she's starting to see the actual movies for the first time. She's been on a Snowwhite kick for months now, and recently I let her pick a movie to borrow from my Disney dvd cupboard (which she treated like the Holy Grail it is, bless her) and she picked The Aristocats (my sister nearly had a heart attack when she then later announced auntie Cilla had let her 'bring kitties home' :p)

I can relate to being under the Disney magic spell, having never truly outgrown my princess phase myself ;) And so the idea for the story came easier after that. It's about her fantasizing about getting to be a princess for the day, and all the fun things she would get to do with the Disney princesses. Because it's her birthday, she gets a crown, making her a true princess for the day and so her wish comes true. The title comes from what has become her favourite catchphrase. For the entire year now she's been inviting people to her birthday party, and uninviting us again when things don't go quite her way, and then inviting us again, and so on, and on, and on... :)

Here are a few pages, and some pictures of the finished book. I'm rather proud of this project and I might attempt one again in the future. Something that doesn't involve copyrighted material so it could possibly be pitched to a publisher? Who knows :) Needless to say the princesses are, off course, copyright Disney.


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  1. What a beautiful gift!! You're niece will keep this all of here life, me thinks :)


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