Tuesday, 14 May 2013


I entered the ladies only Xena draw off over at |Cape Billowing Publishing|. It was so much fun to do! It's been ages since I've watched me some Xena. I admit then when I stumble upon reruns I usually switch channels, because it has aged quite a bit (some of those special effects...) . But when I was making this all sorts of memories came flooding back and I remembered just how much I was into it. It was waaaay cooler then "Hercules" imho. I mean, Xena had all of this going on.

Don't even bother pretending you didn't attempt the battle cry at least once (or if you were like me during the Xena haydays, at least once a week) :D I made this so the three girls work as a group, but the images of them individually could stand alone as well. Sort of like collector's cards?

Anyway, if you like it go over to the facebook page |HERE| and vote for me by clicking the good ol' like button. Pretty please? I'd be ever so grateful! Thank you! ♥

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