Friday, 29 March 2013


|Boudica| (or Boudicea) was the warrior queen of a British Celtic tribe called the Iceni. Her husband, Prasutagus, ruled the lands as an independent ally of the Romans, who occupied most of Brittain at that time. While he lived everything went well and the tribe lived peacefully, but after he died and left his kingdom jointly to his two daughters and the Roman Emperor, the trouble began. The Romans ignored the will, annexed the kingdom as if conquered and proceeded to flog Boudica and rape her two daughters.

Little did they know Boudica was not to be messed with, and she went on to lead her tribe on a rather murderous rampage revolting against the Roman opression, seeking revenge. The Romans won in the end, as they always did in those days, but not before Boudica and her people did some serious damage.

Here's how Boudica is described in the writings of Cassius Dio

"She was huge of frame, terrifying of aspect, and with a harsh voice. A great mass of bright red hair fell to her knees: She wore a great twisted golden necklace, and a tunic of many colors, over which was a thick mantle, fastened by a brooch. Now she grasped a spear, to strike fear into all who watched her...…"

The Iceni were known for riding war charriots into battle, and Boudica rode hers with her daughters by her side. The face paint is some artistic license on my part. The only celtic tribe known for using war paint were off course the Picts. But I personally think war paint totally kicks ass so I took the liberty of transferring this trait to our dear Boudica. After all, there aren't any definative claims saying the Iceni didn't use face paint either. ;)

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