Saturday, 8 September 2012

Welcome home, Cowboy!

I don't know why I love drawing these cowboy themed things but I do. I don't think I will ever be persuaded to buy a pair of cowboy boots or wear my hair in pigtails (I can go on a serious rant over this one people, the acceptable exceptions where a grown woman can wear pigtails are very very few and far in between for me indeed) but drawing them? Well, that's just a whole other matter entirely. That just seems to be no end of fun for me. The universe works in mysterious ways.

I tried to draw a man again. I suck at this and getting the man right was just plain painful (as it is in real life, right? Sorry, getting off track here). But practice makes perfect so I stuck with it. I was going for an Alcide Herveaux type of dude here ;) He ended up decidedly less muscular but on the whole I think I managed to pull the whole man-drawing-thing off.


  1. I love your new stuff, it's your style, but so refreshing and inspired, very lovely to look at! WE WANT MORE!

    1. Thank you! I really tried to push myself recently and it's coming out pretty ok :) I'm drawing like crazy now because I'm afraid it'll run out :p

  2. Love this! I agree the cowboy look has a lot of fun accessories, but I would never dress that way! Great job on the man (and I find it hard to believe you find too much difficult)!

  3. LOVE the action here!!! (Man! She looks happy to see him, & what red-blooded man wouldn't be happy to see HER?! Well....unless she's a complete psycho...but I digress!) I agree with you on the pigtails & the difficulty in getting the man right - both ways! LOL!! But I think you nailed it here! Got to admit, I've got the boots! (But I wear them with jeans :D ) Really fun illo!!!!


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