Saturday, 22 September 2012

Mother Of Dragons

Well, we all knew this one was coming, right? I love Game Of Thrones and I'm a Targaryen girl through and through. Khaleesi all the way, baby! But don't make me think about it for too long or I might switch to Tyrion.., or Jon Snow (he knows nothing), or any of the other totally awesome characters.

Now, don't anyone go telling any spoilers to me. I have a slightly masochistic streak and I'm making myself wait for the TV series because I love/hate the anticipation of not knowing what's happening next. And yes, I will definately read the books afterwards for the real deal, no worries.

Also, this is my first time drawing dragons. I can hardly believe I haven't had a crack at them before because I've been in love with Fantasy (and dragons) forever, but there it is. Had to reference the hell out of them to make it work but I like how the little munchkins turned out. I want one!


  1. Waw! I looooove your drawing, as much as I love khaleesi! :)

    1. Wow, if you love the Khaleesi as much as I do (and why wouldn't you, she rocks!) then that's a great compliment indeed. Thank you!


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