Sunday, 1 April 2012

I ♥ My Mommy

Many were the times when I returned home with scratched knees and other childhood 'injuries' that only a kiss from my mommy could fix. And there's still no one who can comfort me like my mother does when I get a boo boo, although they tend to be more of the emotional kind these days. (I rarely fall down anymore ;))

This piece is the counter part of my I ♥ My Daddy illustration from a few posts back.


  1. Beautiful! You always use such glowing, wonderful colors. Such a sweet little scene so nicely done!

  2. Wonderful illustration, i love the glowing background. You really captured a moment everyone can relate to!

  3. I love her hair! Was Farah Fawcett your mom??

    This is terrific!

    1. LOL! :D No she wasn't but I was channeling that sixties-seventies mum vibe when I did this. Thank you for your comments everyone!

  4. WOW, this took my breath away - you are very talented indeed! And I love the little description - so happy to hear you don't fall down anymore lol :)

  5. Love the warm coloring, super nice illo! <3

  6. Great storytelling! I just love your expressive characters, and agree that the glow in the background is a nice touch!


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