Monday, 5 March 2012

Thank Youhoo !

Don't ask me how or why, but last week I suddenly felt like making a linocut. I hadn't done one in about ten years, but strangely enough I still had all my supplies lying around. After stabbing myself once or twice I quickly remembered technique and, more importantly, safety rules as well! :D

Also, I'm sort of into owls lately. I see them popping up everywhere these days and people are making some truly great designs with them. I hadn't realized it before, but owls are cute! In fact, if you ask me, owls are the new penguins. There, I said it. ;)

These cards are for sale at my shop


  1. Cool! They turned out super nice and cute.I also love the owlish 'youhoo':). It's true, Owls rule!

  2. 'owls are the new penguins' haha! :D

    Deze uiltjes zijn zeker leuk!


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