Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Death March

Every year in August Bornem (the little town where I live in Belgium) is overrun by thousands of people from all over the world coming to compete in "The Death March". It's a 100 km long trek (I think that's about 62 miles for those of you who are wondering), starting at 9 pm on a Friday, giving the contestants 24 hours and the entire night to complete the course. It's not a race, the objective is not to get in first, getting over the finish line in itself is quite an acomplishment. Every contestant who crosses said finish line gets a diploma to commemorate the ordeal. The organisation of the march figured that they wanted a new design for the diplomas and organised a competition.

I decided that this year I would try my hand at both the design competition as the Death March itself. My design didn't make it, now let's hope that on August 12th I do. :)

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