Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I've had this one finished for about a week or two and have been holding out for a prompt on Illustration Friday that would fit. I guess 'Duet' could work, there are two characters after all :)

Now, I'm not glorifying TV or anything, and I'm certainly not saying kids should watch it more. But what I was going for here are very fond memories I have of watching certain movies for the first time. For the longest time it seems, I had to go to bed anytime anything remotely cool seemed to be on. But at a certain point I was deemed old enough to see what all the fuss was about. The first time I saw an Indiana Jones film, the Star wars trilogy, a James Bond flick, you name it! A whole new world was suddenly available to me. Without exception, every single one of these was watched together with my dad (my mom's not that big on fantasy/action movies :)) who seemed to guide me through this jungle of Hollywood classics.

I drew the kid character as a boy instead of a girl because I tend to draw mostly female characters (I guess it comes from being one myself :)). So I decided on an all male piece.

Be sure to click this one to see the bigger size, the thumbnail really doesn't show that much.


  1. perfect! i feel this illo. my first tv film was the shogun.
    and in hungary (socialism) when i as child there was no television on mondays. :-) and there were no hollywood jungle, just thematic socialist films, but that was such a strange but cool era, the czekoshlovakian tales and the soviet films and sometimes an american moovie. :-P i have nostalgic mood now. :-)))

  2. I know what you mean, I still remember the first time I saw Batman (the one with Keaton and Nicholson). It was a moment were I became a Batfan :D. So yeah, this one does bring a lot of fond memories with it. great piece.

  3. I like these poses a lot! especially the child pose.

  4. You have some wonderful work!
    I am really loving your header!


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