Thursday, 3 February 2011

Moving the blog

Since half the world uses Blogger, and I didn't, I was running into some annoying side effects. Like the fact that I didn't really like the comments system on my blog. Or that when people subscribed to my blogfeed they only got to see text and no image, so they still had to click through to the actual URL to see stuff (which defeats the purpose of a blogfeed). And since I was using the standard blog template that came with my webspace, I wasn't really able to make changes to fix these things (or just didn't know how, I'm not a web designer, unfortunately).

Sooooo, long story short. For your convenience and mine I created an almost identical Blogger blog, then linked it to the URL of my own webspace. I decided to do it now since the blog is still relatively new and I don't have a gazillion posts yet (will I ever?) which would make the move more difficult. Changes should me minimal, if indeed you notice any.
If you already subscribed to the old feed, I think you do need to subscribe again to get updates from the new one, so please do.

Only unfortunate thing that came from all of this is that I lost all my comments :( So feel free to let yourself go and comment away on here to get things back up to scratch. Really, please, make my day.

Comment. Now! (please)

1 comment:

  1. liking the little moving drawing :)
    and I empathize, I hate it when you can't seem to be able to do what you want with your blog!



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